Dr. Serum

Dr.serum Silk Serum Jelly


The world's first and only edible silk protein product, with JP and U.S patents, made in Japan, well selling in Japan for 20 years.

90 PACKS |FREE mask x 1
180 PACKS |FREE mask x 2
270 PACKS |FREE mask x 3
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FREE jelly x 9 packs + mask x 1

1-2 months:
The appearance of the body, including waistline and weight will be improved

3 months:
Or help to stabilize blood sugar for a long time to maintain blood at stable level.

30 pack
60 pack
90 pack
180 pack
270 pack
Dr.serum Silk Serum Jelly 30 pack + SS Stem Cell Mask 1 box
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Product description

Brand Name: JHC
Name: Serum Silk Jelly
Manufacturer: Dr. Serum Co. Ltd
Core ingredients: silk protein, rice germ, soybean ferment extract
Specification: 30 packs/box, 60 packs/box, 90 packs/box
Shelf life: 24 months
Place of Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Efficacy: This product may help stabilize blood lipids/cholesterol and absorb excess body fat

How to intake

Basic dosage: 1 pack before meals, 3 packs a day.

Intensified dosage: one pack before meals or snacks, 4-5 packs a day.

Intake cycle: It is recommended to stick to intake 3 months

Maintain the consolidation cycle: according to their actual conditions

Eat before meals: to achieve the best physical blocking of fat and sugar

Main ingredient
Fat reduction effect
What does silk protein do for us?

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